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Presentation skills


2 days, total of 16 45-min. classes

Trening na engleskom jeziku.

This training develops participants' capacities for a more efficient, convincing and professional performance in public speaking. The training provides not only the necessary tools from the fields of rhetoric, communication and psychology, but also an opportunity for their practising during a two-day workshop.

Who is the training intended for: Anyone who wants to present themselves, their ideas or their products in a convincing way through standardized and efficient presentations, PR managers, projects leaders, managers and department heads..

Training methodology: Interactive workshop, presentation, filming the participants and analyzing the recordings, evaluation, monitoring the participants' progress.

Training content:
Overcoming fear of speaking in public
Appropriate use of one's voice and diction as persuasive tools
Appropriate use of body language in a presentation
Developing self-confidence and certainty in public speaking
Techniques for preparing speeches and presentations
Building expressiveness and personality in public speaking
Elements and structure of a public presentation
Basis of good argumentation
Preparing a business presentation
Effects and stylistic tools in presentations
Reacting to remarks, questions and heckling
Psychological tools in assessing the audience and their expectations
Attention, perception and visualization
Avoiding typical mistakes in presentations
Rules for Power Point presentations

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